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How did it all start

I was born in Romania, lived a few years in London where I studied fashion design. Today I live in Tel-Aviv , Israel with my loving husband and amazing daughter.

As a child I spent time with my grandparents on their village farm, where handmade was not a life style it was a way to survive and everything had to be handmade.

I remember my grandmother as a well dressed lady with red lipstick, ahead of her time, teaching me about how a woman’s purse needs to match her shoes, how clothes should be tailored and ironed . On the long summer nights all the girls and woman from the street would gather and saw, in winter it was time for knitting beside the fire place.

I can’t recall the exact moment when I decided to launch my own design line, I always loved sawing dresses for myself. I remember taking fabrics from my mother in order to make a party dress for myself and getting in trouble for it!

When my daughter was born I realized how much I treasure the uniqueness of handmade items, This is why I welcome custom orders for nursery room’s, What a better reason to celebrate then the birth of a new baby? A new baby is like the beginning of all things - a wonder.

This is the reason why I create limited edition items. My inspiration is from the sun light falling on trees, colors of the flowers and the sea. Out of my love for colors my tag line was born “Love in vivid colors “.

Apart from creating things I love taking pictures of nature, I love skiing (I am a ski instructor as well - TLV not being the right place to be), diving is my new passion, having adventures with my family and helping others to be the best they can be when wearing my life-coach hat.

I have a passion for dogs and dolphins and you are welcome to read about it on my other blog www.TheDolphinsBlog.com

For now I am focusing on developing my brand further to incorporate more aspects of who I am as well as new family additions.